Welcome to our website, which aims to assist users in finding suitable screen guards for their phones. Our objective is to provide a straightforward and customized experience, ensuring that users can acquire the appropriate protection for their devices. In this section, we will explain how our site operates, our dedication to preserving user privacy, and our revenue generation model.

How Our Site Works

Our website is engineered to automatically identify a user's phone model when accessed from a mobile device, specifically using Google Chrome. This enables us to present screen guard recommendations compatible with the user's device. Our process aims to allow to find a device fit for your phone instantly.

User Data

User privacy is a primary concern for us. We want to clarify that our website only detects a user's phone model to supply customized recommendations and does not record personal data, browsing information, or store cookies. Our intention is to offer users a secure and efficient experience.

How We Make Money

In order to maintain our website and continue providing screen guard suggestions, we generate revenue through affiliate links (we are an Amazon associate). When a user clicks on a recommended product and completes a purchase, we receive a commission at no extra cost to the user.

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